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Tableau is designed for the individual and adapted for the whole enterprise. It is able to help you find not only “what is happening” in data, but also “why it is happening”.

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Features & Benefits


User Friendly

Tableau is a tool with a great UX and drag and drop functionality, allowing you a simple path to analysis of complex data sets without the need to code. It suits the demands of data specialists, yet is able to be used by anybody.


Top Functionality

Tableau is a market leader in introduction of “state-of-the-art” functionalities, such as; ask data and explain data. AI, Machine Learning and natural language processing are used in Tableau to answer questions in the simplest of ways.



Tableau is a tool for everyone, from freelancers to start-ups and large corporations. The licence differs according to the options open to users, to make changes in data sources and create actual visualisations or modify them.

The management dashboard

The management dashboard is a way to allow for the analysis of data in a well-arranged and interactive manner.

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Services for Tableau

We are an official Tableau Partner. We can help you with anything.


Consulting services

Whether you require delivery of one licence or need to structure licences for a large number of users in the optimum manner, we supply them to you quickly. All you have to do is send us an e-mail or write to us on slack.


Training courses

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or advanced user. Our training courses speed up the learning curve for you by several days. Get your basic Tableau driving licence before you start to dive into your data.


Tableau desk

A service for any questions when using Tableau. Sometimes googling things and searching through forums takes a long time. Our specialist on the phone/slack is able to provide most answers immediately.


Customised dashboards

We build optimised dashboards according to your specifications using your data. We don’t just rehash reports which you already have, but display the same data using the best practices in the data world.


Server audit

If you already have a Tableau server or are installing one, we can perform an audit or execute the optimal settings to ensure speed and sustainability.


Free advice

If you just need a quick bit of advice or if you have a Tableau topic for discussion, just contact us. We are Tableau enthusiasts and will be happy to discuss things with you.

Try out Tableau free of charge

We'll be on hand to support you through the testing process, ensuring that you obtain tangible end-results. Licences are free for 14 days.

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